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Saw Avatar Sunday with my buddy Cheeto Taylor. We went to the IMAXX in Estero and had to wear these big 3-d glasses.

Cheeto thought it was the coolest thing ever because he never took off his Oakleys the whole time while he wore those stupid 3-d glasses.

I normally don’t review movies but this one was special, especially because I paid $20 for a ticket!

Anways the movie was really good even though it was longer than the  line at Circle K when they mark down Moon Pies!

The blue people are flat-out nuts. They have hair that hooks up with plants and animals, they are forty feet tall and the woman have small titties.

I would have loved to seen Predator come out the Tree of Dreams, or whatever it was called, shooting his cannons at the chick from Alien.

You can’t hide from the Predator Sihorny Weaver!

Spolier Alert—They all die!!

Just kidding!

I can recommend this movie but make sure you take a dump and a piss before you walk in the movie because it as long as our dinners at Sonny’s all you can pulled pork night.



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