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Ace Toe Nail Clipper


Howdy! This is Ronny Tucker with HillbillyHygiene.com with this weeks product review of “Ace For Men Toenail Clippers”   

My belt sander busted last November when I was trimming my nails and so I was excited when my wife, Harley, gave this to me last Christmas even though I did not think they would work.  

Before my wife gave these clippers to me my toenails looked like a mix between driftwood and concrete that was painted yellow.  

For my entire life I have not been able to use normal nail clippers but these clippers actually cut through my toenail so much that it sent them flying across the room.  

I think one of my toenails actually went through the screened front door.  

It was like I was throwing redneck Chinese Stars with my feet.  

One of the toe nails got stuck in the wall so we just used it to hang a glamour shot of Harley with a bucket of Popeye’s chicken.  

I don’t know what looked more delicious…..the bucket of chicken or the drumstick that was stuck underneath her 3rd chin  

Anyhow if you got Dinosaur toenails like myself give this a try.  

Just remember that you still have to sand your toenails down after you cut them or you’ll cut your shoes off your own feet.  

This has been Ronny Tucker with HillbillyHygiene.com saying “Toenail’s ain’t supposed to be as thick as phone books”


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