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Burt's Bee Grapefruit and Sugar Beet Shampoo

Howdy fellas! This is Ronny Tucker with this weeks HillbillyHygiene.com mens product review. This week I am reviewing Burt Bee’s Grapefruit and Sugarbeet Shampoo.

Where do I start with Burt? He seems like an alright guy since he looks one of my favorite wrestlers of all time Hillbilly Jim!

Man, when him and his whole family including Uncle Elmer and cousin Luke would come out to “Don’t Go Messing With a Country Boy” I would throw my cereal bowl across the room and start square dancing. My momma thought I was insane since I was by myself but what an inspiration he was!

Back to Burt Bee.

I will make this one pretty easy for you and my spell check button.

I would like to ask the men a question.

Do you want your hair to smell like Grapefruit and Sugarbeets?

I didn’t think so! Go buy some Pert!

This has been Ronny Tucker with HillbillyHygiene.com saying “Free don’t mean free unless you are drinking out of a lake”


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